Keiser Marine is on Hiatus. We are no longer accepting Pre-purchase surveys for the near future.

We are how ever accepting Consulting Surveys and Insurance Survey.

This means that if you are interested in purchasing a vessel and need a surveyor to conduct a preliminary inspection of the vessel to obtain the general condition of the vessel prior to commiting to a full pre-purchase survey, this would be a consulting inspection. I would inspect the vessel for about an hour and look for expensive repairs. I would then send you an email with photos describing my findings. This inspection would cost $200 and I could send you an invoice online that can be paid with a credit card. The consulting inspection does not include an official report.

I am also conducting insurance Surveys. This means that if I have already conducted a pre-purchase survey for you and you are asked to provide an official updated survey report for your insurance company, I would be able to book this type of survey. Also, if you haven’t hired me to conduct a pre-purchase survey but you just need an in the water survey report to satisfy you insurance company, I would also be available for this type of survey. I am only available for this type of Survey on Saturdays and I would charge $13/ft if I have already conducted a pre-purchase survey or $16/ft if this is the first time I would inspect your vessel. Please contact me at the email address and phone number listed below.


Keiser Marine Business_Card

(253) 249-1914


3001 Bridgeway Blvd #160
Sausalito, CA