Consulting Services

Pre-purchase consulting

A pre-purchase consulting service is a specialized inspection of a vessel with or without a formal report.   Many times a potential buyer will find a listing for a vessel that is out of state or even in a different country from which they reside.  In this case, a consultation service may be the best option.   A consulting inspection can be preformed for a vessel at an hourly rate to establish if the vessel is in deed in the represented general condition reported by the seller or broker.   In order to save the cost of a full Pre-Purchase survey, detailed photographs within an email with written descriptions of the general condition of the vessel will allow the potential buyer to know if this boat is worth pursuing.  Generally, just two hours of inspection are needed to establish the general condition of vessel.  Hourly rates are worked out on a case by case basis.

Damage Consulting

In the event that your vessel becomes damaged, it is critical that repairs are made to completely restore your vessel to safe operating tolerances. Repair estimates may vary by large dollar amounts. Workmanship and materials will also vary. A qualified damage surveyor will recommend a reputable repair facility at a fair price and will supervise repairs to ensure your vessel can be depended upon at sea.


Cruise Consulting

If you are planning a cruise for the first time or are looking for advice on making your boat more practical and comfortable for extending trips then our cruise consulting services will be very helpful for you. Keiser Marine captains have extensive off shore cruising experience and will examine your vessel with an eye at making your trip more enjoyable. There are many inexpensive changes you can make to your vessel that will improve your safety and make a passage more pleasurable. Our cruise consulting services are inexpensive yet invaluable to your relationship with your boat. Call us for a quote and let us share our experience with you.