• You get what you pay for in this industry. If you’re are wanting to get a discount, then you will be discounting the safety of you and your family.

Survey Estimates

Marine Survey pricing is dependent upon the type of survey requested as well as the size, age, construction and equipment of the vessel. The location of the vessel will also determine the pricing estimate. Surveys that require extensive travel times may have additional fees and lodging costs. Pre-purchase, rigging, and warranty surveys are detailed and require sufficient time to complete a thorough inspection of the various systems. In addition, it is recommended that your Pre-purchase survey include an out of the water inspection of the hull and a sea trial. If the vessel requires a long distance to travel to get to the nearest boat yard or to reach wide open throttle, there may be additional fees.
Keiser Marine can recommend a haul-out facility near the vessel, but the cost of hauling out the boat and or pressure cleaning of the hull is the responsibility of the potential buyer or owner. Pre- purchase surveys will be quoted dependent on the individual vessel. Insurance, Marina and Appraisal surveys generally do not require out-of-the-water inspections or sea trials. As a result, they are priced less. You can pay for your survey at the time of inspection with cash, check or Venmo. Zelle payments can also be arranged. Credit card payments can be made with an invoice via PayPal over the internet.

Keiser Marine Survey

Pre-purchase Survey Pricing

Keiser Marine Survey
Type of Vessel Pricing
(including the time required to write the report)
Outboard power boat $50/hour
Fishing Boats $50/hour
Power and Sailboats $50/hour
Fisheries measurements for permit transfers $250 flat rate

Estimates depend on vessel size, age, and equipment. Please contact us today for a specific estimate.

Consulting Inspection


For expensive repairs and things that could potentially injure you, your family, or your crew. Usually, Keiser Marine gives you the red or the green light on whether to proceed within one hour. (No report shall be provided)

Service Pricing
Consulting Inspection $250/hour
Expert Witness $250/hour plus expenses

Insurance and Appraisal Survey Pricing

Type of Vessel Length Overall Pricing
Outboard power boat Less than 25 ft $300.00 minimum
Power and Sailboats Under 30 ft $18 - $20/ft
Power and Sailboats 30 ft to 50ft $20 - $24/ft
Power and Sailboats Larger than 50 ft $24 - $28/ft

Keiser Marine does not charge additional fees for travel time within the Bay area, including Marin, Sonoma, and Alameda counties

Keiser Marine Survey