Marine Surveyor

Certified Marine Surveyor in San Francisco, CA

At Keiser Marine, we know boats. As a certified marine surveyor in the San Francisco, CA, area, we conduct surveys and inspections for vessels. We are experienced and thorough and will ensure your marine vessel is properly examined.

Marine Surveying

Depending on your needs, we have several marine surveyor services available to you:

  • Appraisal surveys:

    An appraisal survey can be necessary during legal cases such as bankruptcy or divorce or when a bank requires it to borrow against your assets.

  • Consulting survey:

    This survey can be completed without a report and is a specialized inspection. It is often used for potential buyers who can't inspect a vessel themselves before purchasing.

  • Damage survey:

    Following an accident or incident, you and/or your insurance company will usually require a damage survey. This will provide an evaluation of the extent of the damage.

  • Insurance and financing surveys:

    Insurance companies typically require this survey every five years to make sure everything is up-to-date and to catch potential problems.

  • Pre-cruise survey:

    Prior to your voyage you may wish to have a certified marine surveyor inspect your boat. This ensures your vessel is safe and allows you to have greater peace of mind while you are out on the water.

  • Pre-purchase survey:

    This survey will provide you with an in-depth report of the boat you are looking to buy. Oftentimes, the offer is based on the valuation and condition of the vessel described in the survey report.

  • Rigging survey:

    Rigging surveys ensure your rigging, mast, and related components are in good condition and not subject to corrosion, fatigue, and metallurgical problems. A qualified rigging surveyor will provide you and your insurance company with a thorough report.

  • Warranty survey:

    Before the survey on your boat expires, get a warranty survey so you can have the manufacturer perform repairs while your boat is still covered. This proactive approach will save you money and help you prove that your vessel is in good condition.

Download a sample survey from my website and compare my reports to any other survey report. I’m the only marine surveyor who ascends the mast for a rigging inspection at no additional cost.

If you need any of these types of marine surveying services in the San Francisco, CA, area, call Keiser Marine at (253) 249-1914.